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W. L. Butler Makes Charitable Donation to Local Athletes

August 27, 2018

A substantial check was provided to the Peninsula Vault Club to help offset uniform and equipment costs

REDWOOD CITY, CA. August 24, 2018 –W. L. Butler, a local full-service general contractor dedicated to project excellence and providing outstanding customer service, became an annual sponsor to the Peninsula Vault Club and awarded the club a $1,500 donation to help keep the program running smoothly. The donation was made in honor of retired police chief, JR Gamez, and his ongoing contribution to the betterment of Redwood City. One of the coaches, and local officer with Redwood City Police Department, David Stahler received the donation.

While the Peninsula Vault Club is affiliated with Sequoia High School, it is open to all ages and abilities. It is a sanctioned USATF competitive club and has trained many vaulters from the San Francisco Peninsula, ranging in ages from 9-55.

“We recognize the hard work and financial burden that it takes to run programs like this, so this is our commitment to the future athletes within our community. We also want to make sure the team is the best dressed in the league, of course,” said Bill Butler, chief executive officer and founder at W. L. Butler.

Since their founding in 2017, the Peninsula Vault Club has obtained a new pole vault pit, a large selection of poles and plenty of athletes. Unfortunately, they do not have a budget for ongoing expenses related to the club such as new training equipment (rope, pulleys, pull-up bars, mini-hurdles, etc.), uniforms and traveling expenses. In fact, most of the costs have been absorbed by the clubs two coaches, David Stahler and Greg Brook.

There is a global pole vault summit in Reno each year where the athletes get instruction and can vault in a sanctioned competition. Coach Stahler and Coach Brook attend clinics at these events as well. Entry fees, equipment transportation costs and lodging are all added expenses on the club. In addition, Peninsula Vault Club was the only team without a jersey or uniform.

“The Peninsula Vault Club is running very smoothly because of the kind donations you helped facilitate. Thanks to the generous support and sponsorship from W. L. Butler, we will be able to continue to provide the club with proper gear and equipment,” said David Stahler.

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