Gina Henson

Chief Financial Officer

As long as our team members have the drive, the passion and the commitment to be great, the company will help them achieve whatever they want to achieve.


A founding member of the W. L. Butler Leadership Team, Gina Henson manages the company’s finances, information technology, human resources and philanthropic ventures. A native Californian with a true desire to learn and grow, she’s a critical part of the Company’s success story — always pushing herself and those around her to think and plan ahead.

In 1985 Gina joined the company as a part-time file clerk. Armed with a strong belief in continuous learning and education, she worked her way up, taking on added responsibility and projects whenever possible. While working full-time, Gina earned a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and did her graduate program in Systems Management from the College of Notre Dame. She is a graduate of FMI’s management course and has been a past member of Vistage. She also followed her passion for real estate, becoming a licensed real estate broker.

Gina has contributed to the growth of W. L. Butler from a small, family-owned company to a thriving commercial construction firm with offices throughout California. Her personal achievements have mirrored our firm’s success. Those who work with her would say that’s no accident.

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