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Few construction companies offer recent college graduates and undergrads the opportunity to enter and learn the industry like we do. We actively recruit new and soon-to-be graduates for full-time jobs and summer internships that provide invaluable experience in the field of commercial building. New Team Members and interns receive considerable hands-on exposure to large projects, client interaction and other relevant work under the supervision of our professional team. We emphasize mentoring, so you gain in-depth understanding and knowledge at a high-rate, benefiting your career from an early stage.

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I think what we do better than most GCs is expose the students to a wider spectrum of the industry in a very short period of time. Frank York, President

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Internship Program

The W. L. Butler Internship Program offers students an opportunity to apply the knowledge that they’ve gained in their academic studies to the field of construction.

These paid internships are popular among Construction Management and Engineering students hoping to gain hands-on experience for the summer, but are also available for those students interested in business, finance and general administrative work.

Project engineer interns will be mentored by professionals such as project managers, superintendents and seasoned project engineers in working on large commercial projects and interacting with our clients. Additionally, students gain exposure to RFI’s, reading plans, working with subcontractors and business partners, completing take-offs, learning proper documentation techniques, and a variety of other tasks.

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