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Leading by Example

The W. L. Butler Leadership Team is known for their industry experience and easy accessibility. Actively involved in every project, from pre-construction to final approval, this hands-on approach creates successful outcomes and helps develop future leaders within our organization.

William L. Butler

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Bill is the founder and visionary behind W. L. Butler. From year to year, the company continues to reflect his personal devotion to family, community and innovation, and his profound commitment to customer service and quality craftsmanship. It’s been said that Bill's greatest strength is the ability to identify talent and surround himself with good people.

We don’t change with the economy, the season or what’s ‘en vogue’. We do the same thing every time: take care of our clients, take care of the community and take care of our people.

Frank York


Frank is responsible for the day-to-day operations, including strategic planning and management for all company locations throughout the western region. Frank’s industry experience and management skills ensure that quality, safety and customer service are achieved every day, and on every project. He is known among Team Members and clients for fostering collaboration that leads to success.

If you look around, the people who have been here for any length of time have been able to create their destiny and their careers because of the opportunities we afford them.

Gina Henson

Chief Financial Officer

A founding member of the W. L. Butler Leadership Team, Gina manages the company’s finances, information technology, human resources and philanthropic ventures. She’s a critical part of the company’s success story, always pushing herself and those around her to think and plan ahead.

As long as our team members have the drive, the passion and the commitment to be great, the company will help them achieve whatever they want.

Dan Warren

Vice President

Dan oversees all construction operations for Northern California, from the Bay Area, East Bay, and North Bay, the Central Valley from Fresno to Redding, and south to the Central Coast. He is a valuable resource with over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience in area-specific business development, project and personnel management, cost estimating, and customer service.

W. L. Butler is about people, workplace, culture and growing from within. Before joining the company, I could sense the passion, love of the industry, and sense of fun… that’s what brought me here.

Brian Cresap

Vice President

Brian oversees all project and team operations for the Southern California region. He is responsible for business development, project and personnel management and cost estimating. With 20+ years of construction related experience focused on finance and operations, Brian has a proven track record of developing and implementing sound financial and strategic initiatives.

When you regularly meet people who have worked for W. L. Butler in the past and they tell you how great their experience was, you know you have found a special group of people.

Joel Butler

Vice President, Pre-Construction

Joel is responsible for overseeing all commercial office and multi-family projects during the pre-construction phase. Throughout his tenure with
W. L. Butler, he has been instrumental within both the field and office, working on numerous project teams simultaneously.

It's an easy decision to join the team and become a part of something bigger than any one individual. That’s what makes W. L. Butler a great company.

Trent Morrow

Vice President / General Counsel

Trent is responsible for the oversight of the litigation and risk management needs for W. L. Butler. He is accountable for all legal affairs within the company’s construction operations; including contract negotiations, managing all claims and litigation, managing insurance issues and disputes, performing regular risk-assessments, developing and implementing programs to mitigate risk.

Our success is not just defined by the projects we build. It is reflected in the long-term commitment to our clients, our family of hard-working team members and generosity to the community.

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