All Things Automotive

Californians love their cars, whether they’re gasoline, hybrid or electric, and W. L. Butler has long served them by building high-quality projects for the automotive industry. We’ve built or renovated numerous auto dealerships, car washes, fueling stations, tire and auto part stores for a wide array of brands and owners. Whether it’s design-build from the ground up, interior or exterior improvements, or site work, we’ve done it.

Areas of Specialization

Auto Dealerships
Often adhering to strict brand guidelines, these are characterized by their large square footage, modern sales floors, service areas, and significant structural, facade and site work. We’ve built for brands such as Audi, Porsche, Cadillac, Lexus, Ferrari-Maserati, Volvo, Smart Car and CarMax.

Car Washes
Car washes are a way of life in California. We’ve built many, including stand-alone facilities and those part of larger service operations.

Fueling Stations
Gas station with multiple bays? Comprehensive service facility? We focus on sound site work, quality facades and interiors, and signage.

Tire Centers
Tire manufacturer or distribution center; we build the office space, store front and service bays that keep your wheels moving.

Service Centers
We buy them, we have to maintain them. Service centers keep our cars running; every detail from the service bays, parts department and service writer reception canopy.


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