Building for Better Education

We’re experienced builders of schools and educational institutions, and we firmly believe families and educators should have the best built school facilities possible. Building for education requires a special set of skills. Effective budgeting is paramount and there are often multiple stakeholders, making partnership-building critical. Classes may be in session during construction, requiring smart planning and public safety. The goal is to create physical plants that meet the needs of learners and educators, today and tomorrow. It’s exactly why we relish the opportunity.

Areas of Specialization

We’ve built many public schools and facilities and we’re always conscious of budget, quality and the need to be as least disruptive as possible to the school schedule. Meeting deadlines is crucial so classes and activities can start on schedule. A project isn’t complete until we see students and staff react positively to their new environment.

Similar to public schools but privately financed and often overseen by internal construction and design committees. The same goals apply—quality within budget, minimal disruption and responsiveness to requests and deadlines.

Athletic Fields
Sports and physical education are part of the healthy school experience. We build gymnasiums, pool facilities, turf and grass fields, often with surrounding running tracks, so young athletes have the best opportunities to compete and train.

Special Needs
All children and young adults need environments in which they can thrive. We have built special facilities that incorporate small group classrooms, occupational therapy facilities, play areas and food service. In addition, in partnership with Target Corporation we have transformed outdated public school libraries by upgrading computer stations, adding state-of-the-art learning centers, modernizing the interior space and re-stocking the book shelves.


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