Bon Appetit

The grocery and food service industry offer numerous ways to shop and eat—and we’ve built many of them. Ranging from large supermarkets to convenience and grocery stores to restaurants and cafeterias, our projects have been stand-alone or within shopping centers or buildings and encompass lighting, presentation, seating and kitchen facilities.

Areas of Specialization

Convenience Stores
Stand alone or sometimes within a service station, these are about creating an environment for the shopper on the go and often include high-traffic finishes and strict brand guidelines.

Grocery Stores
Whether chain brands or independent, these stores require parking areas, site work and spacious, well-lit structures housing aisles, checkouts and various food counters.

Restaurants / Cafeterias
We’ve built for national restaurant brands, local fine dining establishments, and corporate cafeterias, emphasizing hospitable, warm environments where you can purchase and enjoy a good meal.

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