Structures for Care and Science

Healthcare and Life Sciences construction can be a complex undertaking, as it’s where medicine, technology and people converge. The W. L. Butler portfolio includes pharmacies, biotech and pharmaceutical facilities, outpatient clinics and medical offices. We focus on building these projects correctly, down to every last detail, so they can fulfill their mission of providing outstanding care.

Areas of Specialization

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals
We have a solid history of building for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, constructing clean manufacturing rooms, laboratories, offices and corporate campuses.

We build pharmacies, from the stand-alone stores of national brands to those within a medical office building or hospital.

Outpatient Clinics
Smaller scale than hospitals, clinics still require integrating medical technology and systems in a patient-friendly environment.

Veterinary Offices
W. L. Butler is a proud builder of SPCA chapters and veterinarian offices that give our animal friends and pets the quality care they deserve and their owner’s peace of mind.

Specialty Offices
We extensive experience in constructing medical offices, whether it’s from the ground up or tenant improvements.

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