601 McCarthy

INDUSTRY: Creative Office Redevelopment

A ten-acre site redevelopment and facade upgrade with multiple outdoor amenities

Embarcadero Capital Partners
Studio TMT Architects

Project Summary

Exterior improvements to a vacant 187,140 square foot building on a ten-acre site to increase its leasing potential; updating the overall dated appearance of the two-story structure and visually opening up the interior to the outside. This was achieved by removing the existing tinted entry and replacing it with clear glass, installing a new light and airy overhead trellis flanked by new groves of birch trees and reducing the current hardscape by installing decorative grass and ground cover. The café entrance has been entirely replaced with a clear glass assembly of both swing and manually sliding doors to conveniently access the outside open space, as well as a trellis to modernize the building’s architecture while providing a shaded space to eat and gather. Additional upgrades included increasing the parking capacity, site lighting, EV charging stations, bike lockers, ADA requirements and a bioswale.


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