AAA Reclamation Facility

INDUSTRY: Auto Reclamation Yard

New AAA-insured vehicle recovery and auction facility

AAA – Auto Club of So. California
HMC Architects

Project Summary

Ground-up single-story office/garage building, paved parking for car storage and processing, service lots, water retention area and landscaping on a 9.6-acre vacant site. The single-story, 2,410 square foot, wood framed building has been built with a heat pump heating and a cooling system, associated equipment and ducting. The visitor parking, employee parking and the car storage, all paved with asphalt, totals approximately 300,000 square feet. The visitor parking area is equipped with 69 parking spaces and the storage parking has the capacity for 814 vehicles. The perimeter, parking lots, and buildings have been landscaped, while the neighboring streets and sidewalks have been restored.


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