Target Flex West

INDUSTRY: Department Store

Improvements for a smaller scale Target to give customers a fast and efficient shopping experience

Target Corporation
MG2 Architecture

Project Summary

Target’s new Flex Format provides customers with an elevated guest experience, while helping the stores move into the digital age. These smaller-format stores are located in more densely populated urban neighborhoods; offering men’s and women’s apparel and accessories, home decor, groceries, health, beauty and tech items…but in a downsized format. This particular store will also carry sporting goods, toys and a broader range of baby and kids products, as well as a CVS pharmacy and a wide array of mobile devices for sale and order pickup services. The scope for this store required conjoining of five buildings, major structural upgrades, bringing in a new power service, as well as new M/E/P/F systems. The exterior received a full façade remodel, including painting, signage upgrades and site upgrades such as ADA ramps and sidewalks. The interior tenant improvement included an online pick-up area, electronics, grocery, fitting rooms, restrooms and Starbucks.


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