Building the Right Way

The W. L. Butler approach to building is unique. We adhere to a process rooted in collaboration, communication, honesty and follow through. We’re dedicated to achieving excellence on each and every project and will provide customer service that is nothing less than outstanding. We hit deadlines and respect budgets. Our ultimate goal is to exceed a client’s expectations.

Our process begins with project management rooted in open dialogue and information sharing among all Team Members. Scheduling is airtight and we’ve never missed a completion date for any client. We keep progress on track through consistent management and oversight, such as weekly meetings with all project subcontractors. These subcontractor relationships are based on mutual respect and trust, assuring proper staffing and the ability to hit accelerated deadlines, if needed.

Driving it all is our passion for building. We take enormous pride in our work, in both the buildings we construct and the relationships they’re built on.


Our building process is highly detailed and designed to maintain the highest standards of technical quality, creative problem solving, professionalism and ethics.

We encourage clients and business partners to be part of the process, enabling information sharing and problem solving.

Our approach begins with open communication and a “roll up our sleeves” attitude that continues throughout the construction project. We meet deadlines and stay within budgets and address issues quickly as they arise.

Outrageous Customer Service (OCS)
Our commitment to the highest level of customer service is nothing short of outrageous. This attention to the needs of clients and their projects drives everything we do as a company.

Key Differentiators
W. L. Butler differs from other general contractors due to our focus on the relationships that allow high-quality construction to get done. Our respect for people, open collaboration, fairness and follow through sets us apart in the industry.