Construction Approach

We follow a highly detailed project approach to the construction process that lays out what a client can expect from us to ensure success—before, during and after building. This includes construction staffing and supervision, schedule monitoring, cost control and financial oversight, and confirming and incorporating change orders, if they arise.

Information sharing between Team Members is critical and we act as the conduit, distributing construction results, revisions and meeting minutes to all relevant parties, promoting teamwork and accountability. Any change orders are analyzed for cost and schedule impact so that overruns or delays are avoided. Potential disputes are identified in advance and we’ll suggest and provide solutions, noting the effect on scope, time and cost.

Of course, one of our most important roles is directing and overseeing project subcontractors, verifying their billings and statements of labor, materials and equipment. We maintain strong working relationships with subs, based on trust and performance. This leads to effective cooperation on the work site, where the ultimate authority is our site superintendent, or “Champion of Quality Assurance,” who makes sure all goals and priorities are met.

As building nears close out, we coordinate and track commissioning; prepare final reports; collect, review and submit warranties, O&M manuals and as-built drawings; and oversee on-site training.

Specific elements of our approach to construction management:

  • Safety (Read More About Safety)
  • Construction Management and Supervision
  • Cost Control
  • CPM Schedule Management
  • Sustainable Building / LEED-certification
  • SWPPPS Management
  • Quality Control

Turn Over: The final stages of of a construction project include numerous tasks needed to ensure proper completion, safety, client training and usage. They can include:

  • Punch List
  • Commissioning
  • TCO / CO / Owner Occupancy
  • Final Documentation
  • Close Out