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83 Top Corporate Philanthropists in the Bay Area 2015

July 23, 2015

Source: San Francisco Business Times

Congratulations to the top 83 corporate philanthropists in the Bay Area, who donated a combined $263 million in cash to local charities and organizations last year.

The Business Times honored these philanthropists at the 14th Annual Corporate Philanthropy Awards Summit this morning.

To participate, companies completed surveys about their local and companywide cash giving and donations for the 2014 fiscal year. They were ranked by their total Bay Area cash giving.

The top five companies on the list account for 45 percent of total donations, with a combined $117 million in cash giving. The company in the No. 1 spot, up one spot from last year’s ranking, donated nearly $40 million.

The company that gave the most, in terms of cash giving as a percentage of profit over one percent, donated $4.41 million, or 20 percent of profit. It takes the No. 16 spot. On average, cash giving at companies on the list made up 5.21 percent of profit. This statistic only includes companies that reported full-time Bay Area employee headcount as of fiscal year 2014.

Worldwide, the companies on the list donated more than $1.9 billion in cash in 2014.